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Turpan water system The oasis of Turpan , in the deserts of Xinjiang in northwestern China , uses water provided by qanat locally called karez. The number of karez systems in the area is slightly below 1, , and the total length of the canals is about 5, kilometers. The historical record of the karez extends back to the Han Dynasty. India[ edit ] In India, there are karez qanat systems. The Karez does exist few other places as well, but investigations are in progress to determine the reality. The Bidar karez systems where probably the first one to have ever been dug in India.

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Identification of insights into an issue from the perspective of participants or end-users. Solution Semi-structured Interviews are used to gather focused, qualitative textual data. This method offers a balance between the flexibility of an open-ended interview and the focus of a structured ethnographic survey.

Use When This method is used during both the early and late stages of exploring the research domain Use For Clarifying the research domain or the specific research question. This method can uncover rich descriptive data on the personal experiences of participants.

A camel train or caravan is a series of camels carrying passengers and/or goods on a regular or semi-regular service between points. Although they rarely travelled faster than the walking speed of a person, camels’ ability to withstand harsh conditions made them ideal for communication and trade in the desert areas of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula for centuries.

London, New York, Tokyo and dozens of cities in China can all boast tube networks connecting people across busy urban centres. In London, the new – largely underground – Crossrail project is connecting the home counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex, with London. Why does Birmingham need such a system? How the Network West Midlands looks today. Birmingham was shown to be more car dependent than any other major English city in the census.

It seems highly probable that the low frequency of its train services is one of the reasons why. People on the CrossCity line – which runs between Lichfield Trent Valley and Redditch – are fairly well-served but elsewhere many face long waits, if they haven’t already decided to drive or jump on a bus. Here’s a typical live departure board at Perry Barr railway station. CityMetric From stations such as Stechford and Perry Barr, for example, there is one train to New Street, in the city centre, every half hour.

For Adderley Park, just two miles east of the city centre, services to New Street run every hour. How would it look? But is it time to re-visit the plans? Could the two work in tandem?

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One of those killed, a year-old woman, died after a car ploughed into counter protesters as she was crossing the street. You’re all among the best this nation produces. Jay Cullen, 48, and Trooper Berke M.

Las Vegas shooting: Newly released court shows chilling details behind gunman Stephen Paddock’s preparations. A homemade gas mask, body armour and three mobile phones were found in .

Dee and Kiran discovered they had the same cancer just months after each other Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Two sisters who battled the same cancer were kept in isolation and forced to spend weeks away from their family as their treatment made them radioactive. Dee Paul, aged 27 and her younger sister Kiran Sangha, 24, were both diagnosed with thyroid cancer after finding lumps on their necks.

Both were given radioactive iodine treatment and were kept in isolation for weeks, reports the Birmingham Mail. Dee, from Castle Bromwich, first discovered a lump on her neck when she was pregnant with daughter Dhiya. Radioactive warning on the door to the treatment room Image:

Mayor feared deadly train accidents from new route along I-5

Self-presentation processes in the online dating environment The University of Indiana presents this study, which investigates self-presentation strategies among online dating participants, exploring how participants manage their own online presentation in order to find a romantic partner. Analysis suggests that participants attended to small cues online, mediated the tension between impression management pressures and the desire to present an authentic sense of self through tactics such as creating a profile that reflected their “ideal self,” and attempted to establish the veracity of their identity claims.

The results suggest that deception is indeed frequently observed, but that the magnitude of the deceptions is usually small. Who Visits Online Dating Sites?

The speed mentoring idea is really a collaboration: A local homeschool mom had the idea—adapted from the speed dating model—and shared it with our steering team. Our team then worked out the logistics of how to implement the idea for our local support group.

It also helps to have the perspective of dads on the mentor panel. We even had a married couple participate who had homeschooled for 20 years—what a blessing! I approached the mentors with our idea of how the mentoring session would go and asked them to fill out the bio questionnaire, which we made available to all who were participating. I also sent the mentors a list of starter questions to get an idea of what they may be asked that evening.

Our support group attendance at the time was around twenty, consistently, so we asked eleven mentors to be available at our meeting. We sent out biographical questionnaires to all mentors and made the information available on our web site prior to the meeting. This allowed those in attendance to know the background of each mentor and to tailor their questions accordingly. The information was never given to the general public, but we did have handout copies for those who had not accessed them via the website.

We offered a note-taking handout along with a conversation starter questions handout. We set up tables in a horseshoe configuration with chairs for the mentors along the outside of the horseshoe, or U.

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Hypoglycemia Treatment Handout Spanish Diabetics should positively not smoke. Those who have diabetes and smoke are increasing their risk of heart attack stroke nerve damage and kidney dirt. Hypoglycemia Treatment Handout Spanish The consistency of glucose amounts assessments should be tailor-made you r. This is a decision will need to create in assessment with each of your medical dr..

Speed Dating with Famous People I used this activity in a 3rd-quarter, first year Spanish class and the students really enjoyed it. It took up the entire 50 minute class. Here’s how I organized the activity; I hope you have fun with Below is the handout I passed out to .

Most students in my College Survival Skills classes want to stay in their comfort zone and only talk to classmates they already know. Since research shows a positive correlation between students making connections on campus and their being academically successful, I want students to network with as many classmates as possible, with the ultimate outcome of developing cooperative academic relationships. To give students an opportunity to… Connect with fellow classmates by identifying ways they might help each other to be academically successful.

Increase their self-esteem by identifying their own strengths and sharing them with others. Clear enough space for students to stand and form a large circle. Distribute the handout and, on the back, have students write three skills that, if they acquired or strengthened them, they would be more successful in college. Have students also record on the handout one skill or strength they presently have. This does not have to be an academic strength, only something they feel they do better than most people.

Divide the group in half; have them stand and form two concentric circles, with each student facing a partner in the other circle. If there is a student without a partner, you can join the activity. You will have an opportunity to talk with your classmates and hunt for information about others.

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A blog from a teacher concerned, as we all are, to squeeze some genuine education around the edges of all the other stuff that fills our time these days. Saturday, May 06, How to teach a perfect sample lesson As interview season comes round again, I was thinking about how many ‘sample lessons’ I have seen over the last few years in my capacity as a middle-manager.

And how many perfectly decent applicants have shipwrecked themselves in 20 short minutes by completely missing the mark in this brutal but necessary ordeal. These sample lessons are a relatively recent phenomenom in teaching recruitment I went looking for my first job in the early 90’s and was never once asked to do one.

Speed Dating – Spanish class style! A FUN Communicative Activity for your students – an awesome way to get your students communicating completely in Spanish! This is a great way for students to practice a variety of skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening.

On April 29, , thirty-three camels and five drivers arrived at Indianola, Texas. While camels were suited to the job of transport in the American Southwest, the experiment failed. Their stubbornness and aggressiveness made them unpopular among soldiers, and they frightened horses. Many of the camels were sold to private owners, others escaped into the desert. These feral camels continued to be sighted through the early 20th century, with the last reported sighting in near Douglas, Texas.

Before Outer Mongolia’s effective independence of China circa the same firms also ran caravans into Urga , Uliassutai , and other centers of Outer Mongolia, and to the Russian border at Kyakhta , but with the creation of an international border, those routes came into decline. Less important caravan routes served various other areas of northern China, such as most centers in today’s Gansu , Ningxia , and northern Qinghai.

Mayor feared deadly train accidents from new route along I-5

Objectives talk about the meaning of the word unique. To begin the lesson, write the word unique on the chalkboard or on a chart. Younger students, especially, will be intrigued by this “unique” word! Ask students what the word means to them. What is it that makes you unique among your classmates?

How the Network West Midlands looks today. (Image: Network West Midlands.) Birmingham was shown to be more car dependent than any other major English city in the census.

Project Overview Identify a business that could profit from an overhaul of their pricing strategy. The ideal would be a real-world company who would like your help. Second best is a real-world company that you think needs your help. Be prepared to embrace sectors that have until now not thought hard and strategically about pricing for example, consultants, lawyers, health providers, massage therapists, tax experts etc. Think about how you would revolutionize pricing in this industry.

Demonstrate with numbers and real-world data how this would increase profits. Try to split your presentation up so that you each speak for 3 minutes. You should submit a separate 2-page technical appendix outlining the steps you took and the data you used to reach your conclusions. Detailed Guidelines This is my suggested step-by-step process for writing a great group project. Think of an industry area or product that inspires and interests your group.

Ideally, you will work with a real company to improve their pricing.

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Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Alesha MacPhail’s devastated mum has spoken out for the first time since her “darling” daughter was found ‘raped and murdered’ in woodland. Georgina Lochrane, who also goes by the name Genie, said the six-year-old would be “proud” to see what locals on the Isle of Bute have done following her death, as she thanked them for their support.

The heartbroken mum took to a Facebook group to say thank you and apologise for not being able to attend a vigil islanders organised for Alesha on Sunday night.

Fall Session. The final race of the season has come and gone and once again it was a great day to be at the track with great people. Friday practice lasted only an hour or .

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Mayor feared deadly train accidents from new route along I-5

Uncategorized 1 min ago 0Comments At Social Thinking, we help people with social emotional learning challenges improve how they interpret and respond to social information to better connect with others.. The 43yearold was spotted looking gorgeous as ever in an orange dress while out with her daughter Krishna in New York on Sunday.. As of Friday evening, the first named storm of the hurricane season was centered about miles kilometers southeast of Cozumel, Mexico.

We all want our students hooked on reading, right?

Next Activity: Try the same text at a reading speed of words per minute. This is the text (if you need help). A dating app in China is popular with young women.

The opening scenes feature a man turning up at the participants’ homes with a suitcase of cash then show the families throwing banknotes around and drinking champagne. They were allowed to spend the money however they wanted, but with a team of experts monitoring their bank accounts and providing financial advice over a four-month period. The couple both gave up work several years ago to care for Robert, who suffers from severe behavioural problems which make him attack his parents.

They said they wanted to start a party company offering events with reptiles and other animals, so that they can work from home. After being selected to appear on the show, Leanne burst into tears on camera, saying: I can afford to buy waterproof mascara now. Leanne complained, ‘I don’t see how anyone’s going to go, “I know, let’s invite a raccoon to my birthday party,”‘ – but Scott replied:

Speed Dating for 5th Grade Science Resources at K-12 STEM Confernce. Handouts are posted on wiki!