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Origins of Gen Con: There were three card tables on the porch; some miniatures gaming ran in the basement. After the con, many brought it back to their own communities, which was an important step in the initial diaspora of the game. They kept the con at its Lake Geneva home through Gen Con X , after which they moved it out into the wider world of Wisconsin, to accommodate crowds that were now topping 2, attendees. Another such event took place in , but the next year really showed the power of the convention tournaments. In , TSR ran a series of giant-themed adventures at Origins IV and then a series of Underdark adventures at Gen Con XI , and immediately afterward published them as six of their first seven adventures:

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DR in conflicts Ches: A many-headed snake monster attacks farms north of Asbravn, and no one locally can defeat it. The Red Cloaks of Asbravn send a carrier pigeon to Lord Piergeiron of Waterdeep reporting the attacks, and they seek someone who can slay the monster.

Numerous artifacts dating from the Bronze Age, found in the area, indicate that Deva region has been inhabited since at least BC. Deva is — for the members of the Universal Unitarian Church — an important place of pilgrimage. Unitarianism traces its institutional roots to Transylvania, where Unitarianism has flourished since the s. Deva is also nicknamed: For centuries the fortress nicknamed “the Key to Mures River” has guarded the access, from the western regions of Banat and Crisana and from Central Europe, to Transylvania.

The fortress is open daily and admission is free. The climb to the fortress is a minute walk on a reasonable path. Those who cannot or do not wish to walk to the citadel can use the funicular to reach nearly to the top. One must still navigate a series of steps to enter the ruins of the fortress and view the memorial to Francis David.

His statement “We need not think alike to love alike” still inspires many today. Magna Curia Palace Address: Subsequent modifications, last one in , added numerous Baroque elements that gave the final shape that can be seen today. The palace is now home to the Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilizations. The building was opened as a theater in after extensive renovations based on plans by Jewish architect Marcell Komor whose other major works include Targu Mures Municipality Building Romania , Reduta concert hall in Bratislava Slovakia and Subotica synagogue Serbia.

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While he was no republican he had been rather indifferent to the whole Royal Family thing, now he had to act much more positively towards them. If he was honest he had let Saundby handle most of the arrangements and organising for the visit and he let Saundby lead the Royal Couple around show them the sights and introduce them to staff. He did of course know that keeping the king ‘on his side’ would be advantageous, he regularly sent copies of the ‘blue book’, the latest photo reconnaissance pictures that they had of destroyed German targets, to the Palace, and he provided the King with special films of raids, very often the same ones that he and his ORS and Intelligence staff reviewed monthly at High Wycombe.

Up close and personal the King was heavily ‘made up’ and had a truly dreadful stammer, the Queen was frankly not that attractive, slightly dumpy and with bad skin plus he got a more than faint whiff of BO from her. He had laid on a special lunch, all the AOC’s were invited down for the occasion and he made sure that they got plenty of time with the Royal couple, Bennett was already a favourite of the King’s, much to the annoyance of Cochrane and the other AOC’s.

Letting his AOC’s schmooze with the Royals saved him the chore if he was honest. The Queen had insisted that Jill and Jackie attend, Jackie had done the honours and presented the Queen with a bouquet of flowers and she had been on her best behaviour, probably because Hope had been left behind with their neighbours babysitting. I would also remind him that he serves at my and his Majesty’s pleasure, if your current position is so unappealing because of your superior officers style of command I would suggest that a change of scenery is warranted Our Y service is tracking the locations where the majority of these aircraft come from, 6 Group is the main offender, 1 Group is second, and unsurprisingly none from Group.

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TSR regularly published big products at Gen Con, but they never did a full-blown release of D&D at the convention, so this was a first—perhaps only comparable to the Dungeon Masters Guide release of

Examples sorted by original media focus: It was immediately replaced with PiQ which covers not only anime and manga, but also American comics, movies, gaming, and similar subjects. While technically a separate magazine, Newtype subscriptions carried over to PiQ and since the Newtype name was licensed, it wouldn’t have made sense to keep the name when changing the magazine content.

At any rate, it only lasted four months. Animeland was the very first anime magazine in France. It dealt with Western Animation in addition to anime, and occasionally had articles on very old series. Since the s , it’s been imitating its rivals by solely focusing on recent Japanese shows, and adding more and more articles on Japanese culture.

Telford Steam Railway

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Update with screenshot: Instagram is targeting TSR because of their posts about BLM and etc

In between the two station platforms are the sidings and yard used for storing the railway’s stock. The building now serves as the railway’s engine shed. At the north end of the line TSR’s Lawley Village station is located south of the site of the original Lawley station. That site is now occupied by a commercial development.

The train then repeats this journey in reverse, for a round trip taking 50 minutes. Although from the road it appears the formation would have to be raised by a prohibitive amount to achieve the statutory headroom below the bridge over the A , surveying by THST confirmed that a modest increase in height will provide the necessary clearance without increasing the already steep gradient between Doseley station and Lightmoor Junction.

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Choose your location to get a site experience tailored for you. From a subsector perspective, investors who navigated carefully would have ended up in focused-specialty companies. This is where the above-average TSRs have been in the chemical sector, not just in the most recent period studied but in most of the five-year periods dating back to — In a surprising turn, focused specialties have in some cases become darlings of Wall Street—perhaps even more so than multispecialty companies, which generally have greater name recognition, more resources, and significant advantages in recruiting.

Enabling this dialogue and relationship, a revolving door between focused-specialty companies and their customers is relatively common. No other chemical subsector came close to focused specialties in terms of operating gains, and one—agrochemicals and fertilizers—would have had no TSR growth at all had investors not awarded it a higher valuation multiple. BCG divides the industry into five subsectors, which account for about segments. Most companies are active in multiple segments.

This group includes companies with substantial but minority specialty-chemical operations. For some in this sector, mining is an important activity.

And They Shall Reap the Whirlwind (WW2 Insert)

Additional resources Introduction From Wikipedia: This is usually in lieu of transferring the information over a computer network. The name is a tongue-in-cheek sound-alike to Ethernet, and refers to the use of someone wearing sneakers as the transport mechanism for the data. DOS has been an obsolete operating system for close to twenty years but it still shows up in a few places:

A complete list of Airport Codes in the US and International.

In both ways, their vantage point remains the same. After all, they are insiders with direct knowledge of the fault-lines. To make his point loud and clear, he spends a lot of time on television talk shows but, when it comes to reaching his goals, he uses the judiciary. For instance, the former cabinet secretary along with a clutch of former bureaucrats scored a huge victory recently when the Supreme Court heard their petition for a fixed tenure for bureaucrats.

Subrahmanian, who is happy that the SC has paid heed to what they had lobbied for, has just finished writing a book on governance, and is scouting for a suitable title. Be it equal inheritance for the girl child or forest rights of tribal people, Saxena began to pursue causes he had signed off on as a GoI secretary, both in the rural development ministry and the Planning Commission. He recognizes that a faulty system can be repaired only via involvement and not by remaining a distant commentator.

He made a big impact when the government refused to give clearances to Vedanta Resources to mine bauxite on the Niyamgiri hills of Odisha after his panel warned in August that mining would threaten the survival of the Dongria Kondh tribe there.

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Belcampo raises its own beef and owns a humane production plant as well as neighborhood butcher shops and restaurants. The company prides itself on raising organic, compassionately farmed beef. The chain features several restaurants in the city and throughout the state. The Grand Central Market location includes a full butcher shop and a counter-service diner serving signature dishes from the Belcampo repertoire.

Total shareholder return (TSR) (compound annual growth rate) % – KPI Operating cash flow conversion ratio 93% 92% KPI Based on its rich legacy dating back to when the brand was created by its founder RA Patterson, Lucky Strike stands for .

The name comes from a small brook called the Schelde that rises between Oberscheld and Tringenstein and flows into the Dill at Niederscheld. Towards the end of the Second World War , the village suffered comparatively heavy damage from Allied air raids. Oberscheld[ edit ] Oberscheld is a village with about inhabitants, it is the neighbour village from Niederscheld.

The Mining was quite important for Oberscheld, there was a blast furnace, the blast furnace was closed in Oberscheld had a station, the last train ran in Oberscheld in History[ edit ] Dillenburg had its first documentary mention in Dillenburg was the ancestral seat of the Orange branch of the House of Nassau. Dillenburg Castle was built on top of the peak now called the Schlossberg in the late 13th or early 14th century. There are no pictures of this castle, however, as it was wooden, and was destroyed in the Dernbacher Feud.

From his stately home in exile, William I of Orange-Nassau , who was born in Dillenburg, organized the Dutch resistance against Spain — , which still occasions regular Dutch royal visits to the town to this day. The land was administered by the presidents of the House of Nassau-Dillenburg. In , one of the earliest schools of forestry in Europe, founded a decade earlier at Hungen by Georg Ludwig Hartig , was moved to Dillenburg.

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