Low Hanging Fruit: Part 1

Forget the low hanging fruit. The government wants boxed fruit. The firm does only False Claims Act cases. And only health care fraud False Claims Act cases. And he knows well what kind of case the government wants. The False Claims Act gives the government a chance to look at the case to decide whether or not they are going to intervene in the action.

low-hanging fruit

Making Meetings Effective How do you make meetings more effective , less time consuming, and more impactful? The average corporate meeting is such a deplorable waste of time that we dedicated six chapters to meetings in our book. Meetings are held with no clear agenda, without critical advance preparation, without well-defined outcomes and are attended by meeting tourists who come in case there are two minutes out of 60 that might matter to them. Imagine how policy makers approach a meeting with the President of the United States.

Nov 25,  · The proliferation of cameras, visual formats, and monetization methods are transforming the consumer imaging industry [Scroll down for"And a few more things” with other imaging industry news].

Low Hanging Fruit, LLC utilizes a state-of-the art software service to collect and report meaningful information regarding efficiency within the orthopedic, cardiac, and neurosurgery service lines. The software also creates a communication link between physicians and hospitals that will positively affect how healthcare systems operate.

It turns out that many healthcare decisions depend on a relatively few but extremely important pieces of data the “low hanging fruit”. These pieces must be accurate and they must be timely and delivered in an understandable form. Collecting and delivering this low hanging fruit is our passion. We launched Low Hanging Fruit to address the rising cost of health care.

In many hospitals, there exists a disconnect between the medical providers and the medical administrators. We at Low Hanging Fruit feel we can deliver the vital data necessary in a format that will engage and educate both the physician and administrative decision makers, such that great savings can be accomplished without any sacrifice of efficiency or outcome. You are charged with finding ways to control costs, engage both care providers and management to work together, and bring the highest possible level of care to your patients.

Low Hanging Fruit provides the resource to engage your key decision makers and provide the meaningful data they need, when they need it. You are the front line and you need good data to make good decisions. Low Hanging Fruit will provide the information that is essential to making these decisions and that information will be updated every time your facility performs an operation.

Ultimately, patient care is in your hands and it is crucial that you understand the economic impact of your choices and work with your facility to find the best options for your patients. Low Hanging Fruit provides the information you need to see the economic impact you have each day, how that compares to your peers, and how efficiently your facility is operating compared to others in your region.

Jeb White on Low Hanging Fruit, Boxed Fruit and Health Care Fraud

Low-Hanging Fruit Brent Simmons: I got email from my Dad where he describes a bug in Mail on El Capitan and how he solved it by going back to Yosemite. I was never able to get Mail to work. In the end, it was a resource hog.

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My recent article on how to find and get the most value out of your local discount grocer led to a lot of great follow-up questions and comments from readers. One reader, Laurie, wrote in: I still clip coupons from the Sunday paper and use the Redplum and Target apps to nab coupons. What does your couponing strategy look like? Sarah and I have tried a lot of couponing strategies over the years.

We used to be very adamant about clipping coupons from the Sunday paper and even used a coupon binder for several years. Over the years, though, I learned several things about couponing. First, the more time you invest, the more the returns diminish. Second, name brand coupons rarely make an item as inexpensive as the store brand version. To put it simply, a name brand item has to have a pretty nice coupon for it to be a winner over a store brand item or a generic item.

ROT: The Low-Hanging Fruit of Content Analysis

My best friend in elementary school was named Kim. Kim, if by some miracle of heaven and social media you are reading this, may blessings and every good thing be upon you now and eternally. We moved in the middle of second grade. I was the new, shy kid, and Kim was outgoing and popular, but we quickly became inseparable on the playground and everywhere else. I remember how Kim, who was required to clean her plate prior to being excused would feed her unwanted dinner items to her dachshunds Paula and Puffer surreptitiously under the table, and her family wondered why the dogs were getting so fat while Kim remained so skinny.

Sep 16,  · Low-Hanging Fruit WiseKensai 0 Comments Frontline, InfinityAAR, ITS8, ITS9, Nomads, SEF Our recent tournament was intended to close out ITS Season 8 with some TAG missions, but Season 9 dropped before the date of the tournament.

Make a Change Backlog As responsible professionals, we always try to structure and refine the way we work. This should also be true when we want to implement change in an organization or ourselves. We want to use a lightweight structure to make it very easy to work with. The first order of the day is to make a list Change Backlog with of activities, techniques, processes, etc. It’s important that the list contains items that you believe in – not just improvements that some guru has recommended.

Table 1 gives anexample of such a list. Sample Change Backlog Remember that this is not another To Do-list that will bug you and make you feel guilty; it’s a list of improvements that may be implemented by you and your raiding party. The backlog will grow when you discover new activities, techniques, processes, etc that you want to implement and shrink when you successfully implement activities, techniques, processes, etc.

Well, they are the changes that have the lowest implementation cost and the highest benefit for the company.


This happened to me the other night. A dear friend and I were talking about our kids and how to help them transition from children to adults. The topic of dating and relationships came up and we started talking about my story.

A decade ago, energy conservation was widely viewed as the ‘low-hanging fruit’ of clean energy policy in North Carolina, the cheapest and easiest way to reduce fossil fuel consumption and cut pollution. Now, experts say too much of that fruit is rotting on the ground.

Low-Hanging Fruit Every year, nine million children under five die from preventable diseases such as diarrhea and malaria. Often, the treatments for these diseases are cheap, safe, and readily available. Every year, nine million children under five die from preventable diseases such as diarrhea and malaria. So why don’t people pick these ‘low-hanging fruit’? And why do they spend such large amounts of money on ineffective cure instead? There are a number of possible explanations.

These can include unreliable health service delivery, price sensitivity, a lack of information or trust, time-inconsistent behavior and the simple fact that the poor may not be able to tackle big, chronic illnesses. None of these reasons explains everything in isolation. These alternative sources, while being free of arsenic, may have contained fecal-oral pathogens in the water.

Using a difference-in-difference approach, the authors find that users who switched from arsenic-contaminated to arsenic-free wells exhibited a higher incidence of infant mortality due to the increased incidence of diarrheal disease.

Like Low Hanging Fruit – Look To China

The traditional Sami diet can be summarized as a mainly animal based, paleo diet with some fat reindeer milk added to it. Recently a Swedish observational study made headlines throughout the world. It claimed that every bite of protein that replaced a carbohydrate bite would kill you off earlier compared to high carb eaters. Denise Minger has dissected that study here.

In fact, the girls were out numbering the guys. This is when it hit me. The time was prime to move in and hit on the ladies. This was the moment of the low hanging fruit.

Financial reports Now allow us to turn our attention to the church that is need of keys to build or revamp a church website. Allow the congregation to be a help Now before we begin, allow me the caveat: While this formula does not hold up in every circumstance, I hope to give enough of an explanation to allow you to find the right team. Additionally, they need to show examples or help with the back end of things ex. A second tech person may be needed to make suggestions a reality if a design person is unable to help.

We will worry about grammar and spelling in a moment. They need to communicate what is happening.

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In marketing, low-hanging fruit refers to those consumers who are easiest to attract to your business. Focusing your efforts on this group maximizes the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Types The type of consumer that is low-hanging fruit for you depends on your business.

According to our governor, Californians drive almost 1 billion miles a day. This comes out to roughly 40 million gallons of gas consumed per day.

He asked about the topics I usually addressed, and I told him that most of my essays were about positive psychology. All things being equal, do what is easy given available resources before doing what is difficult. Fair enough, except sometimes the easy things are not the good things. In the case of fruit, if it is hanging low, it may be bruised or damaged by bugs or varmints. It is also less likely to be ripe. Experienced fruit pickers always start at the top of a tree, where the fruit is more ready to eat because of greater exposure to the sun.

And because a picker places fruit in a bag slung over his or her shoulder, the bag gets heavier as the job progresses, and starting at the top puts gravity on the side of the picker. This essay is not really about fruit but about how we approach any and all tasks in our lives. Sometimes expediency gets in the way of efficiency and often in the way of excellence. If I want to cook a good meal, or prepare a good lecture, or be a good friend, whatever is low-hanging in my refrigerator, in my mind, or in my heart is not where I should start.

low-hanging fruit

What constitutes the low-hanging fruit differs based on whether you are starting a brand new fundraising event for your organization and want to raise lots of money right from the start or you are in the planning stages for an event that you hold every year but want to raise more from the event than ever before. Supercharging a Brand New Fundraising Event If your non-profit is holding a brand new fundraising event, there are three key pieces of low-hanging fruit you can target to make sure the event is a roaring success: Ticket sales are important, but nothing supercharges an event like finding large corporate and individual sponsors for the event.

One of the best sources of large sponsorships for your events is your board of directors.

Sep 12,  · Tweet with a location. You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications.

Synopsis[ [ edit ]f course, the personal computer and its cousin, the smartphone, have brought about some big changes. And many goods and services are now more plentiful and of better quality. But compared with what my grandmother witnessed, the basic accoutrements of life have remained broadly the same. Tyler Cowen describing his thesis in the New York Times [2[2]he main thesis is that economic growth has slowed in the United States and in other advanced economies, as a result of falling rates of innovation.

There are potentially two further minor forms: Cowen concludes, “You could say, ‘The modern United States was built at five forms of low-hanging fruit, and at most only two of those are still with us. He offers anecdotal and statistical illustrations for this slowdown. First, he compares the changes witnessed by his grandmother with those of his own generation. Then, he cites median income statistics: Cowen describes spurts in productivity growth, 2. Also, whilst productivity figures have improved, median incomes and stock market prices, and thus the returns to capital and labor, have not improved.

Thus, the more government consumption there is, the more published GDP figures tend to overestimate growth in living standards.

What Is Low-Hanging Fruit in Marketing?

Those discussed in this article include freestanding statues, busts and other kinds of permanent sculpture, memorials excluding plaques without a sculptural element on buildings , fountains, murals, gates and exterior mosaics in the City of Westminster, except for those in the former metropolitan boroughs of Paddington and St Marylebone and in two of the Royal Parks of London , namely Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Separate articles list works in the aforementioned areas and architectural sculpture across the borough.

There is more public sculpture in the City of Westminster than in any other area of London.

So if going to your local farmers market is stressing you out—or if you’d like to shop for fruit the way you find a date: on your phone, in the comfort of your own lair—then RipeForMe may provide you with some low-hanging fruit, right in your own neighborhood.

If the sales rep channels his efforts toward the easiest sale, he is focusing on the low-hanging fruit. This is also referred to as cherry-picking clients or opportunities. Similarly, if a company implements a strategy to boost sales quickly, rather than enduring an arduous process that takes a long time to produce results, this is also called grabbing the low-hanging fruit. Pros of Cons of Focusing on Low-Hanging Fruit Businesses or sales professionals who opt to focus on low-hanging fruit are likely to meet their targets faster, close sales more easily or accomplish their to-do lists sooner.

From this perspective, focusing on low-hanging fruit can be an effective sales and business strategy. However, in most cases, there are usually only so many low-hanging fruits, and once those have been “picked,” the company has to put in more effort to achieve results. Essentially, if a company or an individual decides to exclusively focus on low-hanging fruit, it pushes all of the more difficult tasks onto the metaphorical back burner, and putting those tasks on hold can make them harder to achieve in the long run.

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