Norwegian couple wed in the first Viking wedding in 1000 years

This document began life as a class handout for a course taught in at an event held by the East Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. It is intended for use by re-enactors of the Viking Age. This document is provided as is without any express or implied warranties. While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained, the author assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this document for non-commercial private research purposes provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are preserved on all copies. Website mirroring is permitted by express prior arrangement. Permission will only be granted if the document is posted in its entirety and the content and format of the document remain completely unaltered by the mirroring site. The definitive version of this document resides at www. What Is This Pamphlet, Anyway? Only by playing the part of a Viking from a specific time and place can one bring to the status of an SCA Viking its appropriate glory and respect.

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But right next to it stands an unusual hill known as Jell mound. The hill is a type of manmade burial monument that dates back to the time of the Vikings. Recently, a team of archaeologists from the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research NIKU used a high-resolution georadar, mounted on a tractor of sorts , to scan the field. The farmer who worked it wanted to put in drainage ditches, which meant he needed an archaeological evaluation first.

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The drawing only shows the winter season lasting from 14 October to 13 April. The summer season on the other side of the bone from a whale or big fish was never copied, and both the pendant and the calendar have unfortunately been lost. Although contemporary Scandinavian sources for the Viking Age are few, there are indications that the Vikings probably divided the year into moon phases and only two seasons: The Vikings did not use exact years to date events, a so-called absolute chronology.

Instead, they used a relative chronology with reference to the number of years after important events. Calendar The Viking calendar reflected the seasons:

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Recently, however, Haukeli made headlines as the location of the latest sensational archaeological find: While hiking across the mountain plateau that runs between western and eastern Norway, Goran Olsen sat down to take a break. That makes it some 1, years old, though the scientists have warned this is not an exact date. Double-edged and made of wrought iron, the sword measures just over 30 inches long 77 centimeters.

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The History of Viking Knit

The sagas are epic tales, often poems, of the exploits and explorations of the Icelanders and other northerners. The Icelandic Sagas are one of the largest collections of remaining narratives from medieval times. With an often stark realism they detail everyday agrarian and political life, and describe adventurous Viking voyages. There are family histories,adventures and romances, and, occasionally, comedies.

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Vikings were a nation. Vikings were not a nation as such, but groups of warriors, explorers and merchants led by a chieftain. As often as not, in the expeditions to the West, Vikings were Norwegians, Danes and Swedes, but also anyone who joined them. Vikings wore horned helmets. Gjermundbu helmet , the only extant authentic Viking helmet, does not have horns.

No depiction of Viking helmets dating to the Viking Age represents horned patterns. There are two or three representations of ritual processions where warriors wear helmets with protrusions ending with stylized bird heads or resembling to snakes, but even the ritual use of the horned helmets by Vikings remains unproven. Vikings did use axes in battle, as the Lindisfarne tombstone graphically illustrates.

However, they were of a very different type than suggested in the modern popular culture. It should be remembered that no double-headed axe has ever been found from early medieval Europe. Viking axes were light and used single-handed. The most common weapons found on Viking sites are spears. As for hairstyle, to proclaim their Viking roots, Norman men shaved the back half of their head entirely, behind a line drawn from over the crown from ear to ear.

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As heavy waves crashed against the hull of her ship, the explorer huddled under a blanket, watching the cold rain fall in sheets outside her window. Lighting flashed and the adventurer thought of all of the people who had come to this remote part of the Earth before her. Many of them had never returned. Thunder rolled over the ship and her heart skipped a beat.

It was going to be a long night. The woman blinked, suddenly realizing that she was not on a wooden Viking longship in the s.

To date, the only confirmed Viking site in the New World is L’Anse aux Meadows, a thousand-year-old way station discovered in on the northern tip of Newfoundland. It was a temporary.

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Vikings Unearthed

Contact Author Women were the key keepers of Viking homesteads There is both a degree of unanimous agreement, as well as a broad range of differing interpretation regarding the status and position of women in Viking Age Scandinavia. It is clear that women were not directly involved in military participation. They were strictly prohibited from the Jomsborg stronghold [1] and Eric Oxenstierna suggests that in addition to having no obligation to engage in armed warfare, women were what men fought for.

Historiographical ambiguity emerges when we consider how this influence has been interpreted by different scholars.

Norse Mythology for Smart People provides an accessible, entertaining, and reliable introduction to the Vikings’ mythology and religion, with scholarly sources cited for everything. Come on in to learn all you’ve ever wanted to know about the Norse gods, stories, beliefs, way of life, and more!

Chains are made from long pieces of wire 8′ ‘ that are worked by hand into interconnecting loops. For those who knit with yarn, the connected loops look like twisted knitting knit through back loop. Necklaces may contain up to 60’ of wire, so several shorter pieces must be joined together during construction of the chain.

This can done without the use of solder because the wire is spliced together in a way that is nearly impossible to detect in the finished piece. The raw chain is woven around a form Allen wrenches or dowels and is typically then pulled through holes in a wooden drawplate to tighten the weave and make the chain pliable. Necklaces containing irregular gemstones, however, cannot be pulled through a drawplate and must be pulled by hand.

The ends of each chain are finished by hand-coiling a heavier gauge wire, again using only cold connections and no solder. Examples of these chains have been found at various archeological sites in Scandinavia dating back to the 8th century A. D the Viking era. Similar chains have been found in other areas of the world, so the technique may not have been unique to the Vikings. Indeed, chains that look identical can be made with a different weaving technique that forms the chain in the opposite direction.

For instructions on this method, refer to Tim McCreight’s Jewelry: I took the basic technique and explored various ways of combining the stitches, sizes of allen wrenches, adding beads, and hand-finishing the ends.

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