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This period was characterised by small bands of hunter-gatherer-fishers using flint technology. Sweden is first described in a written source in Germania by Tacitus in 98 AD. In Germania 44 and 45 he mentions the Swedes Suiones as a powerful tribe distinguished not merely for their arms and men, but for their powerful fleets with ships that had a prow at each end longships.

Which kings kuningaz ruled these Suiones is unknown, but Norse mythology presents a long line of legendary and semi-legendary kings going back to the last centuries BC. As for literacy in Sweden itself, the runic script was in use among the south Scandinavian elite by at least the 2nd century AD, but all that has come down to the present from the Roman Period is curt inscriptions on artefacts, mainly of male names, demonstrating that the people of south Scandinavia spoke Proto-Norse at the time, a language ancestral to Swedish and other North Germanic languages.

Jordanes describes the Suetidi and Dani as being of the same stock and the tallest of people.

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Some, however, get hooked and can never get enough of the blazing colours in the sky. The Northern Lights dancing up above is such a powerful and unique natural phenomenon it changes lives down on Earth. Being one of the best places to spot the Aurorae, Finland has even received immigration because of them. Below are some tips for becoming a Northern Lights Hunter yourself. Lapland In Lapland, swapping the hustle and bustle of ski resorts and cities to the peace and quiet of the wilderness takes mere minutes.

In northern Lapland the lights shine about every other clear night between September and March.

Hossa National Park – Finland100 National Park 2017

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One of the objectives and goals of the Swedish Club of Houston is to locate and join together people interested in Swedish heritage Swedes, Swedish descendants, and others in the Houston area, primarily through informal events and get-togethers, social as well as cultural. To become a member, click here to fill out an online membership form.

Church parking is limited and street parking is metered until 6 p. Young people are always needed to be part of the program: Let us know if your child ren will participate! If so, be sure to send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.

Senaste nytt om Hockeyzon – Svensk Hockey

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The Swedish Viking Age lasted roughly from the 8th century to the 11th century. Their routes passed through the Dnieper south to Constantinople , on which they carried out numerous raids. The Byzantine Emperor Theophilos noticed their great skills in war, and invited them to serve as his personal bodyguard, known as the Varangian Guard.

The Arab traveller Ibn Fadlan described these Vikings as follows: Ale’s Stones I have seen the Rus as they came on their merchant journeys and encamped by the Itil. I have never seen more perfect physical specimens, tall as date palms, blond and ruddy; they wear neither tunics nor caftans, but the men wear a garment which covers one side of the body and leaves a hand free.

Each man has an axe, a sword, and a knife, and keeps each by him at all times.

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Hossa National Park. The magnificent wilderness of Hossa is an excellent destination: the trails running along pine heaths invite you to hike and cycle, and the crystal-clear lakes to go canoeing and fishing. The rock paintings of Julma-Ölkky and Värikallio depict stories of shamanism, dating .

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On both sites, sugar daddies pay for membership, but the services are free for sugar babies. Journalists also posted on Jodel, a social app popular among young people in Finland. The profiles soon attracted sugar daddies looking to sponsor sugar babies. Sugar babies interviewed for the in-depth report said that sex was an important part of encounters with their patrons.

Some revealed that they earned up to 1, euros each month from these meetings. In addition, two of the women interviewed for the report said that they had become involved in sugar dating from the age of Purchasing sex from a minor is a criminal offence in Finland and persons convicted of the crime face fines or a maximum of two years in prison. While researching the phenomenon, Yle received confirmation that the Central Finland Police Department is investigating the suspected rape of a year-old girl in a case linked to sugar dating.

Swedish Names

At Midsummer, many begin their five-week annual holidays and everyone is in a hurry to get things done during the relatively short summer season. Queues of cars stretch away into the distance, and at the end of the road, family and friends wait among silver birches in full, shimmering bloom. In many cases, whole families gather to celebrate this traditional high-point of the summer. Swedes like the world to be well-ordered, so Midsummer Eve is always a Friday between 19 and 25 June.

People often begin the day by picking flowers and making wreaths to place on the maypole, which is a key component in the celebrations. The maypole is raised in an open spot and traditional ring-dances ensue, to the delight of the children and some of the adults.


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